Hailing from Dartmoor, England, I am a nomadic handweaver touring the Celtic lands in a retro motorhome. I make, to your spec or to my whim, fine and rugged scarves, snugs, cowls, shawls, blankets and rugs for low-impact, woollen landscape medicine.

I sell on Etsy. I write. I resist race-to-the-bottom economics and plug eco-socialist principles. I barter. I sometimes teach. I convene the Green Cloth Collective. I also sell pretty pictures of my work with lightly-phrased political challenges, in the form of postcards.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 17.07.46

Shop for a handweaving I’ve already made or begin a consultation for a commission so I can weave our stunning landscape into a blanket or garment for you.

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12 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Aah, thank you Lynn, and to you! I’d be delighted… What a lovely evening we all had at Jo’s party! I’m enjoying weaving songs with her on cello and my guitarist friend too, just starting to get out and about in the folk clubs 🙂 xx


    • Aaah, thanks so much big bro Jod. Really appreciated your support re the bus-buying too. Have you seen how much I’m loving this lifestyle on my ‘Tales from the Road’ blog tab? I will visit Wales at some point! Huge hugs to you too, hope you’re well.xxxxx


  1. Hi, just found you in my etsy feed. Love your blog. I love it when someone leaves their comfort zone for the real thing. This is what the world needs to encourage others that it´s actually doable.


    • Thanks so much Bettina, that’s heartwarming to hear! Having left a worthy teaching role in Higher Education, I feel a moral obligation to continue inspiring and empowering, so I’m glad if I can be a source of hope for others 🙂 Keep in touch via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Etsy, and comments always welcome here too… Cheers, Eloïse


  2. Great blog, beautiful rugs and words. Found your website via your open letter to the inspiring George Monbiot which he linked to on Twitter. Couldn’t agree more – the reference to artisan goods often ending up in the hands of those rich enough to buy them especially rang true. Keep on doing what your doing – your integrity will win through.

    Best regards,

    Will. Bristol


    • Thank you very much Will. Do follow on my social media platforms, and consider joining us ecosocialist maker-activists in the Green Cloth Collective and/or lowimpact.org’s embryonic mutual credit scheme… Eloïse


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