Conversations with craftspeople III: colour, design, dyeing, selvedge, looms, livelihood and fire hoses

My third maker-conversation at the all-abuzz Contemporary Craft Festival was with warm-hearted handweaver Sarah Beadsmoore, from Gloucester, who was displaying her beautiful silk scarves. (I had to slow the tempo down in the recording to compensate for my mania; we were not actually speaking at this laid-back Westcountry tempo, but I don’t want to drive my listeners mad with my hyperactivity!) Our weaving discussion covered:

Part 1: colour and dyeing; design and planning versus improvisation; making to order

Part 2: the pitfalls of weaving a selvedge

Part 3: making a living; loom types

…and we also learnt from a potential customer the importance of warp and weft in tough old canvas fire hose construction where the water must be able to stretch the fabric but not deform it.

Sarah’s lovely silk work, including commissions and teaching, is here:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 19.05.12


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