With good wishes for the turning year and the terrifying politics…

Dear EU followers, customers and friends,
As you may be aware, Britain will regrettably be exiting the European Union at the end of January 2020.
Firstly: Brits still love you and, of course, still want to trade with you!
Secondly: I didn’t vote for this!
Thirdly: it is not a black and white issue, and along with the many advantages of EU membership, there are also some compelling anti-capitalist arguments about limitations to the kind of radical post-capitalist politics that I personally believe would better serve the many (e.g. neoliberal clauses in the Treaty for the Functioning of the EU).
Fourthly: I join many others in shame about how some pretty ugly arguments have drowned out the few intelligent arguments for Brexit, and indeed have won, over the many more strong arguments for our remaining in the EU. But maybe some of us were benefiting more than others from EU membership, which, like our own right wing and centrist governments in my lifetime, has failed to protect the most vulnerable from global capitalism, or develop a sustainable economics to replace it.
Fifthly: like many others, I profoundly fear the ultra-capitalist motive that is in effect driving Brexit, and hope that a green, democratic leader of the US will be elected soon, for all our sakes. It seems to me that Brexit is a battle of capitalism, and here in Britain the ‘left’, half of which is relatively comfortable with capitalism and half of which is more torn and less well off, has lost this battle.
Sixthly: I and millions of others dedicated sweat, blood, tears and many, many hours to campaigning for a better general election result through November and December, and we are all sore at, and scared by, our failure to stop a government profoundly lacking in integrity.
Seventhly: I may take advantage of my dual citizenship and move myself and business to mainland Europe. However this is unlikely to take effect before the end of 2020. So unless and until I do emigrate, These Isles is registered as a UK business. As such, from February 1st, import duty may be payable by you upon receipt of my goods, according to the withdrawal agreement reached between our governments, and according to your country’s import legislation. For this reason I urge you to make the most of my January sale, where some weavings are reduced by 25%, and to also browse all other items in my shop and buy any that you love in time for me to ship them duty-free before January 31st. (For sale items, enter my shop via this link or otherwise enter the coupon code JANUARYSALE at checkout.)
Lastly: la lotta continua! Governments seem unable to solve our global social and environmental crises, so it’s up to us. I hope to join a non-monetised mutual credit trading network this year, so look out for more news on post-capitalist ways of trading with me and other green businesses in future.
With thanks and all good wishes for the festive season and turbulent times. Hold on tight!
PS As a curiosity, here’s an illustration of my GE19 political intervention: I ran a large survey followed by some mindbending numbercrunching to help we voters organise ourselves in my home constituency. Disappointingly, the outcome in this rural constituency with its mega-progressive seam (Totnes and Dartington Arts) was the same as always: the triumph of conservatism, which in Britain basically means capitalism, sexism, imperialism, colonialism and extreme relative poverty against the protection of pre-existing privilege. Nationally, the right wing majority gives voice to the resentment of its victims and rallies them in prejudice against the experimental left while the comfortable Remainer centre rejects radical change in either direction. Excuse me while I just go and vomit in a corner.
Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 19.10.42

3 thoughts on “With good wishes for the turning year and the terrifying politics…

    • Thank you very much Jojo, I appreciate this. As for the e-residency, this is something I know nothing about. Have I understood correctly: is it a way of registering a business in more than one country, or…? What is your own experience/knowledge of e-residency? I’d have to look into implications for tax and other bureaucracy (one of the great things about vandwelling has been a reduction in bureaucracy, so I’m loathe to take on more). Thanks a lot. Eloise


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