The workshop:


The kit:


The process:

  1. Pondering


2. Deciding

Matching yarn to land by Alice Carfrae


3. Calculating Eloise

4. Winding the warp

5. Setting up the loom

6. Weaving

Weaving by Alice Carfrae

Weaving with a 30″ shuttle in a small space. Photo by Alice Carfrae ©

7. Finishing

Edge-sewing the weaving by Alice Carfrae

Blanket-stitching to secure the weft. Photo by Alice Carfrae ©

Cutting weaving off by Alice Carfrae

Cutting the cloth from the loom. Photo by Alice Carfrae ©

Rolling the waeving off the loom by Alice Carfrae

Unrolling the cloth from the loom – I love this bit! Photo by Alice Carfrae ©

Shaking free the weaving by Alice Carfrae

Shaking free the cloth – I love this bit too! Photo by Alice Carfrae ©


Removing scrap yarn from the tension border. Photo by Alice Carfrae ©


Darning skipped picks (stitches). Photo by Alice Carfrae ©

Darning at night

Darning the cloth by night. Photo by Alice Carfrae ©

Alice hand on cloth

Showing fulled (greens) and unfulled (red) cloth (but not showing the soaking, washing, tumbling, beating, steam-ironing, drying processes in between). Photo by Alice Carfrae©


8. Showing off my wares

Alice me van door blanket stack portrait


9. Listing, marketing, networking, selling, accounting etc.:


9. Packing and posting

Packaging by Alice Carfrae



6 thoughts on “Weaving

    • Thanks so much Carmelle! Time I wrote another blogpost – I’m at least two stories behind, as totally distracted by corrupt UK politics and wonderful inbound torrent of love in response to that Etsy article 🙂 Eloïse


  1. Pondering …Thought you was on the loo 🙂
    Deciding …if you coloured the yarn to the flowers or…
    Calculating …with lovely handwriting.
    Winding the warp … I wondered where you did that bit, imagined you tamed a number of Aberdeen Angus’s to remain still while you threaded round their horns, whilst humming a gentle gaelic melody. I never had the imagination to think you would do it in your van.
    Setting up the loom …How can anyone look so composed doing something so complex.?
    Weaving …could put a dogs eye out, love the blur.
    Finishing …It is lovely to watch skilled hands, especially if they are moving, I for one would love to see you show moments of your work in real time, like this amazing woman.

    Wonderful work, great photographs, I can now appreciate the work that goes into your products.


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