An ex-educator, would-be musician and by-chance weaver, I’ve uprooted from a Dartmoor smallholding to travel the Anglo-Celtic Isles in a bus on a weavery investigation with a loom, a hound and an accordion, in search of autonomy and Celticness.

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I roam the most beautiful parts of Britain, Brittany and Ireland. My suppliers are local, my trade is online, my colleagues and customers are all over the world, and my inspiration is wherever I park.



10 thoughts on “Eloïse

  1. Loved listening to you on Radio 4 just now. I married into a Devon family; my husband was born in Chudleigh and our hearts remain in the county and with its beauty. Good luck to you and your lurcher and thank you for enriching my morning.



  2. Caught your broadcast on Radio 4 Saturday Live, am now curious about how you live your life and the people you meet on the journey. I wish you every success and much happiness and resolve to “bob” by this site to read about your experiences. Philip.


  3. Heard you on radio four this morning and really enjoyed the interview. I am a crafter, in crochet that is, and you are living my dream. Very inspiring and insightful and thanks for making me feel it might just be possible for me one day.
    Kind Regards, Sally


  4. I felt thoroughly inspired by your appearance on Radio 4, then your site/blog and mostly by your work which is absolutely stunning. Thanks for the inspiration which is helping to push me along handout of a long “stuck’ period, creatively 🙂


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