Barter: trade a weaving for a…?

I understand a debt money system to be the locking mechanism for a socially and environmentally destructive race-to-the-bottom economics. Creating alternative credit systems may be our best act of resistance. 

My exclusive weavings, handmade in the UK where I face UK living costs and am trying to achieve the minimum wage, are too expensive for many. I’m open to barter if you have something you might like to swap for weaving credit (for yourself or for your loved ones). Currently things I might pay for in weaving are:

  • A working iPhone (penultimate model) with new battery; OR a working iPad or tablet that supports both the latest Etsy and Instagram apps, has a decent camera/lens and takes a SIM card
  • A supply of organic produce/local free range, non-grain-fed meat
  • old wooden furniture
  • EMF shielding
  • natural cosmetics
  • Publicity – e.g. press articles; radio airtime; audiovisual; social media
  • Singing lesson(s)
  • Mechanicry (when I’m not in Devon, where I’m sorted)
  • Other handmade eco-clothing
  • Possibly in future: building, plumbing and electrical skills
  • A wooden melodica, or wooden melodica/bagpipe hybrid (with bellows instead of a mouthpiece)
  • A small, lightweight but adult-strong bunk bed ladder
  • A beautiful place to park somewhere Celtic or Dartmoorish (this may soon be obselete, tbc)

Keep an eye on this page for updates if you’re interested (and Facebook, especially, for the live feeds), and get in touch – there will be far more things than I’ve listed that I haven’t thought of.



6 thoughts on “Barter

  1. Hi,wow! I love your ethos and writings! I’ve just found you on Facebook. I love the bartering idea. I’m a potter and barter quite a lot. I spin, tapestry weave and knit. I’d love to barter something if I have anything you’d like! Hand spun wool or any sort of pot?

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    • Hi Wendy, thanks very much for this. If only I lived/worked in something large and static, ceramics would be very welcome (and yarn bowls very useful), but I had some lovely ceramics that flew out of a cupboard and smasjed with the very first corner I took too fast 😦 At best they chip. Space is a massive consideration. BUT handspun yarn could be a wholly justifiable barter – EXCEPT that the economics of it may not work for you, as I’m only able to pay up to about £70/kg at the moment (even if payment is in weaving credit). Let me know if there’s any mileage in this and send me a link to pictures of your yarn… Barter is just a lovely way of doing things wherever possible, thanks for sharing the spirit 🙂 Eloïse

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  2. Hi!

    I have no real need of a blanket… but I thought you may be interested to know that I make Native American Style flutes – you probably have loads but I thought I’d mention it 🙂

    I wonder if you’d be able to do a blanket style affair to cover my table when I do shows? That might be useful?


    • Hi Tom, thanks so much for your thoughts, I really appreciate them, and I’d like to bear them in mind. I have to be super strict about space/weight, and I’m on a bit of an accordion bender at the moment. Also someone told me that the iPhone battery is not replaceable, i.e. iPhones expire sooner, so I’m wondering whether my request here is slightly misguided and I should go for an Android instead… Sorry, I’m really glad you asked, and a blanket to cover your table at stalls is a lovely idea, damn! Eloïse

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      • Well – as it goes a Native American style Flute in Western Red Cedar weighs about 300-500 grams; so really weight isn’t an issue – however they are quite long and need protecting from knocks and scratches. I would heartily reccomend an Android phone as iPhones IMO are a bit pants; however that’s just me. Also many Androids are also going the “Sealed In Battery” route so no advantage in that! Our iPhone’s battery is pretty OK so the offer’s there if you’re ever in the area. Take a look at my website if you’re ever into the idea of a flute; I’d delightedly trade one for a show-table-blanket XXX


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